Illinois Teamsters 2015 Construction Truck Driver (120 Hours) Training Pilot Program

Grievance Form

Veterans Grievance Procedure

Any veteran student with a grievance may submit the grievance, electronically, to the Training Director. The Training Director will try to resolve any grievances a veteran student may have involving administrative, training, facility matters and/or any other Training Center related issue within a maximum of 30 days from the date of receiving a grievance. The Training Director will convene a meeting, with the appropriate parties, to discuss the problem and, if possible, arrive at a mutual resolution of the problem. If the issue is not resolved, grievances against the Training Center  may be filed with Teamsters Local 786 President and Training Fund Trustee, Michael Yauger, 300 South Ashland Ave., Suite 501, Chicago, IL  60607, Phone: 312-666-2750.  Teamsters Local 786 President Yauger will convene a meeting, with the appropriate parties (in person or via telephone) to discuss the problem and, if possible, arrive at a mutual resolution of the problem.  If the issue is still not resolved, a grievance against the Training Center may be registered with THE ILLINOIS DEPARTMENT OF VETERANS’ AFFAIRS, 833 South Spring Street, P.O. Box 19432, Springfield, IL  62794-9432, Phone - (217) 782-6641, or by contacting the Department via their website at:

To present a complaint against an Illinois Teamsters Training Center Director, instructor, or staff member, complete the form, and hit the submit button at the bottom of this page. 

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